I've two questions about Shield.

1. I don't understand why there is per example 29% negate damage display for rear shield with boost 200% to front damage. I tried and its' a fake. (sorry for my english langage, I'm french guy)

2. Why there is display 4 shields in database (200/200/200/200) for Atlantis X23? I believed there is only rear and front shield?

Thanks for answer


  • Not sure about the first question, looks like a bug. But concerning your second question: There are ships that have more than two shields. The Odin for example even has six distinct shields. Also note that the Atlantis X23 is not the same as the modified Atlantis (player ship).
  • The first is indeed a bug, it's looking at the wrong shield.

    The 2nd part, BlueShadow is right, the Atlantis used by the players is different then the database one, that's the enemy ship. Enemies generally have more shields and hull, but less firepower.
  • Thanks.
    Do you have an example of player ship with more 2 shields?
    How to know feature of human ship? Like the database. It would be interesting for new players.
  • Putting more then 2 shields on a player ship doesn't work properly. A few UI element won't show all the shield states. So none of the stock player ships have more then 2 shields. (More then 2 shields on a ship was added pretty late in development)
  • Ok Thanks a lot
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