Comms Issues

So even though Ive done a tonnes of scripting, because it was for LARP I didnt both learning how to do comms stuff.

I've used some of the examples and happily got comms going with space stations and the triggers to do it. But can figure out how to do ships.

the state is "ready" and can't see anything else effecting it. Ive tried it as a friendly and neutral faction.....

Any thoughts to what Im missing.

if isAllowedTo(askforCargoShip) then

addCommsReply("Standby to be boarded.", function()
setCommsMessage(string.format("Dammit they found us make a run for it."))
askforCargoShip = "complete"
addCommsReply("Back", commsStation)

addCommsReply("Nothing today, just checking in.", function()
setCommsMessage(string.format("Ok Officer, we are just conducting some repairs on our engines, sorry about that."))
askforCargoShip = "complete"
addCommsReply("Back", commsStation)



  • Could I just use Comms_target and check for the Call Sign of the ship as well?
  • The way I do communications for stations and ships is in a function within the script. I think other examples have the comms for the station in an external script and the comms for the ship in an external script.

    Make sure you set your created ships to use your comms script (internal function or external script).

    Take a look at Defender Hunter (search for "function commsShip()" and/or "function neutralComms(comms_data)"). It's got custom comms for ships (and stations). Without full context, I'm having difficulty pinpointing what you might have missed. Nothing jumps out at me from what you've posted.
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