So been playing and can see other have managed to get this working fine but so far no joy. In Artemis I had major fun getting it going due to drivers. Before I enter that rabbit hole has anyone else managed to get it working easy enough?


  • I just checked, the example code that they have for it follows the exact same implementation as the DMX512SerialDevice in EE. So the example config should work, if you set the proper serial port:

    The reason I have a generic name for this device in EE is that this output device is really nothing more then a USB to serial converter with RS485 line driver. A lot of cheap DMX512 hardware uses this trick. I think you could build this for less then 10$
  • I already have 2 ENNTEC DMX Controllers, I suspect they are fine and the problem is my end with drivers etc. Since they cost £50 each if I can get them working that would be best. I remember having some driver issues getting them going on ARTEMIS so i suspect the issue is my end. You have pretty much confirmed that and a previous post of someone who says they got them going easy enough.
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