Anyone got a working example of the Hardware file? I have the hardware working on ARTEMIS and trying now to get it going on EE.


  • For reference I am using an ENNTEC OpenDMX USB. I have made a hardware.ini file fine.

    Which in the Log file its happy with the Com Port and says New Hardware Device: EnntecDMXProDevice with:512 Chanells

    I have assigned 4 channels but doesn't light up. Wanting to make sure I wasnt missing the obvious.
  • I don't think you should use the EnntecDMXPro hardware device configuration with this device, but the DMX512SerialDevice

    Note that these devices are "write only" so there is no way for EE to detect the proper device being connected or it responding to the commands at all.
  • *Nod, Ill try that.
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