Importing models with multiple diffuse textures into Empty Epsilon

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As the topic says, I'm trying to import a model that has multiple color/diffuse textures. I was wondering if EE could handle that. Alternately, is there any 3d artist who can suggest how to import that model into an editor and save it out with a single texture from multiple sources? Maybe Blender?


  • EE only supports 1 texture per model, so you will need to merge that in some way.
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    Figured as much, any suggestions for tools that would handle such a merge task? I really cringe at the idea of having to manually re-wrap/re-map the UV coordinates.


    I need to look at Milkshape3d again, haven't touched it in years, but I seem to recall is had bulk UV coordinate manipulation.
  • I'm 99% sure you can do this in blender without too much effort, but I lack the skill to do so.
  • Blender and 'without too much effort' do not belong in the same sentence. :-D
    But, I'll keep that card in reserve in case it is the only (affordable) way. Thanks.
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