Beam frequency changes for condensed stations?


My Artemis crew and I just tried out Empty Epsilon for the first time yesterday, and we were tremendously impressed, especially with the flexibility of playercount that comes with the mixed stations. What we couldn't find anywhere, though, was how to adjust beam frequencies from Tactical/Engineering+/Operations. Were we missing the setting? Fights took forever on the wrong frequency!


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    Some functions are missing on purpose on the limited station setup to avoid clutter.
    For example, there are also no probes on operations.
    I never felt that was a big issue though and so far I never played with more than 3 players total. As there are several ways to balance that:

    Without frequency adjustments, focus a bit more on projectile weapons (but fighters could be handled by beam anyway), that way our fights never were too long imo.

    Also, you can disable beam/shield frequency on the server config screen. So your damage output will never be particularly low.

    Third, the engineer can always boost the firing rate by increasing the system power.
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    BlueShadow is right, adjusting beam frequency is not available on the tactical screen. However, your tactical officer can Esc back to the ship/role selection screen, and take helm and weapons and adjust the beam frequency on weapons. Tab between helm and weapons (or F2 for helm and F3 for weapons).

    This is not the most elegant solution, but it works.

    Empty Epsilon supports a mixture of 6/5 player screens and 4/3 player screens on the same ship. Also, more than one person can take a given screen (including helm, weapons, and engineering). For three players, I like having one on helm, another on weapons/science and the third on relay/engineering

    If you have the other end of the spectrum problem (7 players wanting to play), you can divide engineering into power management and damage control, giving damage control to your least experienced player (it's the easiest).
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