"Captain's" or "Campaign" map function/capability in EE

Greetings EE community -

I'm wondering if anyone has created an EE "Captain's" or "Campaign" map function/capability. I'm looking for an ability to give the players a larger perspective map of the known area with info only on those elements that they should have knowledge. The Science console is too narrow/constrained; the Relay console does show known elements like nebula and same side space stations, but I need it to be able to have/show other elements that are already known/scanned.

Does anyone have a capability something like this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Look under Main Screen Options
  • Hey Dwaine - thanks, but the only option from the front screen partially appropriate is the Long Range Scan map, and it's too constrained. The Relay map also is partly appropriate, but doesn't show some things that would be useful. Am looking for a larger scale campaign map that an admiral would use, that intel elements could be placed on... "we know there's a mine field here, and think the enemy bases are in this general area.." kind of thing. Something that would show elements that you've already scanned, but may no longer be within range of.
  • Yeah, ive had the same issue. I have currently gotten around it in 2 ways.

    First I cheated entirely.

    I spun up a second ship and used that relay screen (a ship that was basically invisible to everything).

    The cooler solution was to have someone with a relay screen acting as aujuntant to Admiral and then making a physical map with tokens :)
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