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I've upgraded the forums. I'm working on replacing the stock theme to better match what the site is about.

If you have problems logging in please send me an email at kwadroke __at__ kwadroke __dot__ com


  • Uhm. The old style did look a bit "dated", but right now it looks pretty bad to be honest. No clear "line" between topics, and the "metadata" under the topic name is unreadable on my screen.
  • If I understood kwadroke correctly, he is still in the process of updating the theme.
    But I also have two requests regarding look and feel.
    1. The font size of the unread Topic Titles is pretty dark. Maybe you could also darken the "emphasizing background color" a fair bit, so you could also make all font colors brighter.
    2. Fixed wallpapers are often quiet irritating IMHO. That wasn't the case in the old forum, because every other row was opaque. But here, the stars are shining through all the text, leading to a irritating scrolling effect. So I would suggest to either make the background of the content elements opaque black again, or to change the star background from fixed to normal.

    But there is also one element that is already much better than in the old forum: The editor! Now, the preview function, especially if you use tags like code, is much more readable. So Thank You.
  • Oh well, it seems like it isn't very readable in the final text now, *lol*. Also it seems like the edit function is gone now.
  • I've still got plenty to do to make it look better. Definitely not the way I want it too look when I'm done.

    Will look into the edit issue.
  • Have you thought about giving it a more traditional "topic" view on the main page instead of the giant list of seemingly unorganized posts that come up? Something more like phpbb/fudforum/etc... such as.
  • That kind of view does exist, just click on the "categories" link to the left.
    The current main view lists the topics with the most recent posts, wich is similar to the "latest posts" view in your example.
    So, just the default view is different.
  • That's better than nothing, thanks.
    The current theme does need serious help, it is mostly unreadable.
  • Switched to using a stock theme for now.
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