Game is pretty much dead

This game seems to be pretty much dead/abandoned.

The developer hasn't posted on his own forums in over 3 months now and the promised update is a year late.

I would not recommend that anyone buy into the paid early access to this game.
It seems like the developer took the money and used it to go to conventions to promote a game he doesn't want to update and cultivate a community that is actively ignored.

It's very sad...


  • Sad, it looks that a great game, love the concept.
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    I bought it.. such huge potential! The developer works in feast and famine spurts. Perhaps we will see another quantum leap. In the mean time... You've got to check out Empty Epsilon!
  • I noticed this:

    What to expect in Release 9
    on Sunday, February, 24, 2019 11:15 AM
    Alright gang... Release 9 has been this vapor-ware quality thing that has taken way too long. We made the decision to port the game away from it's old XNA framework and we finally got it done.

    Let's get right down to it... Here is what you will see in Release 9:

    Horizons has been ported to MonoGame. This is HUGE. It allows for many things that are already in Release 9, as well as many things we'll be doing. This is what took us the longest to achieve.

    [ ... bunch more stuff I omitted ... ]

    RE: What to expect in Release 9
    on Monday, February, 25, 2019 3:32 PM
    Release 9 will make it out the door in the next two weeks. There will be a lot of releases to follow but Release 9 is about moving on to all the things I've talked about for awhile.

    I'm certain new bugs will be found, but with a release of this size it's expected. On the surface a lot will feel the same but so much under the hood is brand new.
  • Just seeing this thread. It's been a bit since I visited here I admit! Not only are we very much alive but Horizons is on it's way to STEAM this summer! As for Releases prior to that we are already up to Release 13
  • I am thrilled! I was so excited when I first saw Starship Horizons and was bummed when it looked to have died.

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