Best hardware to run a server


What is the best way to run a server? Is it by having a gaming PC with dedicated nvidia graphics run the SBS server or having an actual hardware server like a Dell Poweredge running the server? Does having gigabit Ethernet switches help when connecting the clients?


  • I cannot speak for Artemis. For for EE, wired connections really help, the unreliability of WiFi makes things worse. Gigabit or 100mbit does not really matter, the data rate is not high enough to care about that change.

    Performance wise, the GPU does not really matter too much, depending on what screen you run. On single ship instances, we have gotten away with using our weakest laptop as server.

    Limits in EE are mostly then by raw CPU power. More cores don't help, so more Ghz help there. But on my 2.6Ghz i5, I can run a server with 200 AI controlled ships. AI controlled ships are the "heaviest" thing that is being ran in the code. The "Battlefield" scenario can stress test your server. If it can run the "Large" variant at 60Fps, it can run anything you want to try.
  • What about flash drives? If I am running my computers off an Ubuntu flashdrive does the read/write speed have any factor once the game is running? Or does it only matter when the game is starting up and loading models? Does having the server run on a laptop that has an SSD better than a flashdrive?
  • And what specs on a router matter when running several bridges (or does it matter)?
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    EE loads 3D models and textures "on demand" when first shown. Other then that has little no impact. So main screen can startup a bit slower, but in general, it does not really matter for EE.

    On this aspect, Artemis could be different, but most likely it also loads "on demand" or else, on startup of the game.

    (We run the whole game from a single network harddrive on to 6 clients, with no noticeable issues)
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