Variable Players - Breakup Weapons into gunners or torpedo-runners


An idea just occurred to me. When I set up an Empty Epsilon game, I often don't know exactly how many players are going to show up. I know there are different terminal types for combining or dividing functions: operations for relay and science, single pilot for everything, engineering can be divided into power management and damage control, engineering+ for engineering plus shield control, tactical for help and weapons, database can be a dedicated screen which is normally part of science, etc.

With the plethora of weapons on certain ship models, could we add a beam weapons terminal and a missile weapons terminal? Also, for another (new) ship model, can we have two beam weapons terminals - one for the forward facing beams and one for the rear facing beams? We could even divide up the port and starboard tubes into two screens (or front and back for that matter, or 4 different sides if there are a plethora of tubes). How about dedicated terminals for port and starboard beams (yet another ship model)? Perhaps a dedicated terminal for a turret mounted beam weapon?

Why? I often end up with 7 or 8 players. This leaves me with two ships with players performing multiple roles or one ship where engineering is divided or someone is stuck with the database role or something like that. More role division options might be nice for flexibility in giving roles to players. The players in my typical group vary in their degree of understanding of the roles. Some can easily handle multiple terminals, others would do better with part of a terminal.

Just some ideas.
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