Scriptable and/or more music cues for custom music

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Hi @daid !
My friend group really enjoys the improvements you made to Artemis, but there is one particular thing they would like to see improved: the music.
Now, it would be far too much to ask you to change the music, so I won't. I will, however, ask if a few changes are possible; or for a way to script them myself. :)

The regular to battle music transition is kind of rough, to say the least. It transitions very quickly in and out, and ruins the immersion. Maybe there could be levels of cues, triggered simply on how many enemies are near, and how many are targeting a nearby player base.
Otherwise, maybe a scriptable music function?

Something that plays a sound file on the client and/or server, but can be stopped, started, and faded? That feature alone would allow me to adjust the music for my EE group.

Thanks!!! :D


  • Actually, to make a long post short:
    It would be nice to have sound controls that can be played, paused, and faded. :)
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