EE Pittsburgh sponsored by Pittsburgh Sword Fighters

Hey guys,

If anyone is in the Pittsburgh region and would like to be involved in our in-person bridge nights, please let me know! We have had it both at the PSF location by Pittsburgh Mills and also in private homes before when things at the school were too busy. It is pretty low-key at the moment. No uniforms or anything. Just getting our feet wet. We are playing with some custom scripts for ships and the like. Usually we bring a few beers to share.

A bit about PSF: I am one of the three owners of the martial arts school. We are a company who's primary program is called Broken Plow, a major school in the HEMA community. We teach historical sword fighting such as German Longsword, Italian Rapier, and some other smaller study groups. PSF has also partnered with the folks at the University of Pittsburgh Kendo Club to bring Kendo to our school on Sundays. We have our own full-time space and a 7-day-a-week schedule.

What is the point in having a hobby turned business that doesn't pay anything if you can't co-opt the resources to support another hobby. PSF/Broken Plow tries to donate money to EE when we play it since it is a great time for our members. We don't charge anything to do it and anyone who would like to be involved would not need to join any of our programs. All we ask is that you contribute if we do any BYOB or potluck style event. If someone wants to donate to the dev, they are encouraged to do so directly on Daid's github. If he ever asks for more funds for a new feature push, we would consider an in-house fundraiser!

If you are looking for a group in this area, please let me know in a PM! You can also email me at

Note: We do not have anything about EE on our website. It is just an underground project for a few of us.

Jonathan "Jazzy" Bucci
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