A group I'm part of (called CommaSword) is developing technologies to support a space-opera LARP series we're running.

We've been learning and re-inventing our methods over the past 5 years, started out with a huge artemis lan-party (and nothing else), and gradually raised the immersion and automation bar and moved to EmptyEpsilon for its superior configurability (OSS FTW) and GM capabilities.

We've developed our solutions with nothing else in mind other than the features and stability of the next game's technology. Now I'm talking some time to reorganize the codebase(s), so that the more generic parts can be used by other projects.

I've just released eetools, a command console that should be the basis of our generic tools.

Currently it offers a live lua console, and I plan on adding an open-sound-control bridge soon.

I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions, here or in the github issues section

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