Main screen refusing to show LRS or tactical view, not even got the options...


I've got a bridge set up using the 32bit Linux version from November. As part of the set up I've connected the server to a laptop and the laptop to a projector. In theory this should be pretty mint.

Issues discovered:

I'm failing to find the right option to be able to change the view on the mainscreen/projector. It shows the ship exterior view and I can use the mouse to drag and change (the graphics are pretty sweet, so that's awesome).

My intention was to use the projector screen as the "captain's main screen" so that they could direct: "LRS on screen" "Tactical onscreen" etc and then brief the crew accordingly. Would I be correct in saying this isn't currently supported?

I'm having to log in as "Relay" and "main screen controls". This means that Relay can't work whilst the captain wants exterior view, plus the issues above. Have I made a mistake?

I also wanted to use the server separately with GM mode to set up scenarios. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to do that without the server pushing my screen onto the projector. Ideally I'd like to have:

A server connected to the projector which can have the views changed by one of the crew who has taken controls to do so.

A separate station for each crew person (e.g. an extra 5 computers).

A separate station, if desired, for the GM to add in exciting new scenarios and surprises in real time.

I apologise if I've massively failed to find obvious resources, I used the forum search function and google, but couldn't find the answers and the tutorial seems to indicate that what I want to do is feasible, but maybe it isn't implemented yet?

Any help would be awesome, sorry for all the noob questions. :-/


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