How to create a huge explosion

I am trying to make a cool effect in my mission script where two black holes collide, explode, and turn into a worm-hole.
I tried to make a huge station and explode it, but that is not working.
Any ideas?
object:explode() does not work for me at all. :(
Btw. I'm running the latest version. It did not work with the previous version either. (November build.)


  • Also, how can I find the direction the worm hole needs to be towards the player?
    Thanks in advance! :)
  • :explode() works ONLY on subclass, Artefact. As far as I know.

    Dont want to say RTFM but take a closer look at the script reference =)
  • Kk, I couldn’t figure out how to do that but my script works fine without it. :) I’ll post my mission script in the forums in a day or two (or whenever I’m done)
  • You cannot create an explosion directly. But you could create a large ship and have it take a massive amount of damage.
    CpuShip():setTemplate("Odin"):setPosition(500, 500):takeDamage(999999999)
    I'll add scriptable explosions on the next update.
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