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Hello there

I had a quick look on the github wiki and this forum, didn't find the info

Is there anyway to set up the ship range for the LRS station (and for others stations too) ?


  • When you start a new server, you can change it in the initial configuration screen (section "Player Ship Options").
    The setting is called "Radar Range" and can be set between 10U and 50U.
  • Only the long range radar is configurable, the helms/weapons is fixed on 5U, and relay sees 5U around friendlies. This 5U range is very hard coded into the source code. And a lot of ballance things depend on it, so making it configurable messes things up a bit. I'm not even sure if a configurable long range radar was a good idea...
  • OK thx for your responses

    In my case the balance won't be a matter, I need some space radar for 2 murder party I project to play

    I will try to compile a modified version
  • I've began some tests yesterday, after fighting with SFML version (DW2 or LIJL...)

    By the way, it would be an interesting gameplay feature to increase the radars ranges in collaboration with the enginneer station

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    found a workaround. I've set EFogOfWarStyle to NoFogOfWar in relayScreen.cpp, remove useless buttons (in the scope of my project), increase the zoom view

    recompile the whole thing and it's fullfill my needs

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    Hello, i have a range question as well. I'm not sure my goal is exactly the same as mathkuma. I want my players to be able see some planets in the background (on main screen) but I want my players to be able to reach them.

    Does anyone have an idea how to do that ? Is it possible to create an object unaffected by the maximum rendering distance ?

    By the way, I'm trying to render a star as a planet. Currently the texture used for a star (star-1.png) don't work. I replaced it by this one as a planet surface texture and it works fine now.



    My ultimate goal is to make a mission inside a star system.
  • Due to depth buffer limitations anything beyond 25U is not visible in the 3D view. This isn't impossible to fix, but it requires multiple rendering passes for different depth ranges.
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