Need help for a death star modeling

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I will have an animation for childs in two weeks based on star wars univers. I plan to create a basic scenario with an attack of the death star, but I cannot modeling it.

I have tried with these links :

But I understand nothing about Blender or any software to do that. So, my death star is sometimes pink, sometimes it does not appear. I'm lost...

Does someone can explain me how exactly I have to proceed to convert file into the right format ? Or, more generously, can someone could send me a working death star ^^ ?

Thanks in advance.


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    I'd check the sketchup 3D Warehouse and convert the model to a OBJ file that the game can use.
  • Thanks a lot !
  • As for the blender obj export, make sure that normals and uv (texture) mapping are enabled, as these jump to disabled on export every time I restart blender. Not sure if this was fixed in newer versions.
  • Some news ?
    It is for tomorrow, and I didn't succeed.
    At least, my young players will attack and space station from Empire instead of the Death star :)
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    It's probably too late, but I just tried one of your links, and it works. Just keep in mind that both the obj files and the texture is in the SolCommand directory.

    The important entries in your model.lua are
    model = ModelData() model:setName("model_name") model:setMesh("model.obj") model:setTexture("texture.tga") --tga in this case, other formats work aswell
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