Android, main screen and music

I'm new here. I discovered recently these game (Artemis and Empty Epsilon) in french festival of the north of France Ludinord and I very like it for play in family.

Could you tell me if in the near future, EE in android version can be Server with scenarios with main screen with music?

I would like connect my Android tablet in my big TV screen and playing several stations on my computers.

Thank you
David (a french guy)


  • Hi and welcome to the boards!

    I highly doubt that, as the android version has an intentionally limited feature set, especially concerning the graphics part, and therefore the main screen.
    Maybe that might change some point in the future with the new engine (daid, the main developer, might say something about that), but I won't expect that shortly.
    Getting the mainscreen to work might be possible on the raspberry pi(2 and up) with raspbian and experimental openGL drivers, but so far I only was able to get the stations work reliably on it.

    That said, you can always run 2 instances of the game on a laptop. Connect the laptop and the tv, set up dual monitor desktop. Then, move one window to the tv screen and let the other remain on the laptop screen. Now you just have to start the server on the tv instance and choose main screen.
  • The problem with the main screen, is that is depends heavy on OpenGL2, while the main library I use, SFML, only has OpenGL1.1 support on Android.

    It works on a Pi, but performance isn't that great and it crashes due to the OpenGL drivers still being quite experimental.

    Music is also stripped from the Android version to keep the file size in check.
  • Ok Thank you very much for answer and for this post :

    I'll try with 2 instance on 1 laptop (Main screen and other) , + engineering on Android Tablet (apparently whitout bug like Relai) and the rest of station on 3 laptop.
  • Hi,
    I'm come back with 2 problems.
    I didn't have the time to play since April.

    About that, I solved sound problem, thanks to answer on this forum (openal 1.1)

    I've lan configuration with 1 server laptop (Main screen) , + Relai on Android Tablet, Engineering on smartphone android 7 and the rest of station on 2 laptop + 1station (rj45).

    1. On a laptop client with Win8.1 the client lost connection intranet by wifi with a message : "Failed to bind socket to port 35668"

    2. On a laptop server with win10 this message appear : Parameter "camera_position" not found in shader.

    Could you help me?
  • Both those log messages should be pretty harmless, the 1st one just means it will bind the next port number, the 2nd one is a SFML log message that I cannot prevent, so always happens.
  • Ok,
    In the first case, the 8.1 client disconnect quickly of the game,
    In second case, I have the feeling that first person view is impossible because of that!?
  • Nope, the first person view will still work even with that warning.
    Disconnects on WiFi are a bit to be expected. The code is quite picky on timeouts on communication.
  • Ok
  • Hello, I would like to know if there is a more recent Android version available. I have an old APK version of 03.11.2017. To play with the engineer on it and the last version (01.2019) on the others PC.
  • Nope, the Android build is failing at the moment.
    Some work has been done to see if it can be updated:
    But I haven't attempted to build it like this yet. (Anything Android related builds really slow, and I don't have a lot of time these days to wait for it)
  • Ok Thanks :-)
    I will do without
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