Great Game! Thanks =)

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We played for around 5 hours with 6 players. We had a blast, so much detail in this game for each station! We all appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into it.

Had a few crashes, happened when two people tried to change main screen. A lot of fun!

Here is some of the positive feed back

Helm -> Great interface and the jump is one of the best parts.
Engineering -> Really involved, hard to keep all the systems going. (Great job at balancing that)
Weapons -> Get to fire nukes what else do you want =)
Relay -> Being able to launch probes is a cool idea, and over map awareness
Science -> Really cool graphics for the scanning, what an awesome idea
Main Screen ->Really cool graphics.
Music-> Is really great and fun to listen too....

I will save the suggestions for a reply. I do not want to distract from the great work you guys did.



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    Main Screen -> Sound FX, add relay screen
    Relay ->Make minesweaper work after 1 try (Or make it easier). Able to pause and come back to minigame.
    Science -> Super fun at scanning, and looking up data. Need more stuff to do during battle, maybe help relay at hacking.
    Helm -> Combat maneuvers need rework maybe a booster buttons instead. Enable flight unlock mode to fly free (like real space).

    Overall-> Needs a nice help for each station. (Like a dialog you can bring up)
    Tutorials-> Ability to select each station Tutorial, instead of doing them all.
    Ships -> Some easier player ships to start with.
    Missions-> Some of them require a specific ship we did not understand that. (maybe disable creating other ships) Need to look up notes on what went wrong for specific missions.
    Objects -> Knowing a friendly mines distance for helm. Being able to scan a jump jammier and know what it is for science.
    Hotkeys-> How to bind them, and what they are ;)

    Website needs a cool video of it in action, I know a lot of people who would like to play this over Artemis but never heard of it, hope the community grows.

    I will if I can help correct some of the mission balance issues with some lau scripting (Mostly timing and repeating repetitive things)

    OVERALL AWESOME JOB, I shall be playing it again soon, and hoping to see what gets updated =)

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