GenCon 2016 wrap up

6 Bridges, 3 Days 14 hours each and 1 day 6 hours.

Day 1, We've discovered we're not in the GenCon events book. Everything setup and running. Got 1 review from a group that played cooperative with another bridge. Apparently my crew had some difficulty setting up the coop bridges, but no issues with Empty Epsilon (I had no warning and was out running damage control on GenCon related issues when it occurred). 1 Laptop overheated late in the day and died.

Day 2 Got signage, more players lots of fun had. Filmed by a Podcast group.. still looking for their card so I can post a link. Only Empty Epsilon issues reported were related to the Beams portion of the Helm tutorial being confusing.

Day 3 Blew a single port on a switch (had to be a bridge interlink port didn't it), 3 bridges down for over 30 minutes.. but we recovered... Occasional issues with Engineering exiting/crashing on destruction (20160609 build) but nothing major or impacting game play.. 1 Player decided to reboot Helm because he felt it hung or was unresponsive.. We only found out because he was then lost when he realized it was Linux not Windows.. Lost 3 more laptops... some how they only fail if I leave the room for more than 30 minutes....

Day 4 Empty Epsilon has run well all Convention. 4 out of Six Servers have been running continuously for the 4 days without even exiting the application at all. 1 Crashed when an untrained overzealous staffer spawned an unspecified number of Random Waves (in excess of 40 in under a minute) he's been banned from staion engineering bay. 1 Hung 2 different times during the weekend, but it was a full system hang, possibly a failing USB port which drops the boot drive if it gets bumped or wiggled by wiring on the table.

We made close enough to cost to do it again next year.


  • I was there, watched a few missions. It looked awesome so I am trying it at home.
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