Lore and new needed ships

In EE right now all of the races, except Ktlitans, share the same ship models. For lore purposes, there is probably a need more alien looking ships.

Current ships:
* Human Navy, Independent, & Ghosts, should have the same ships - already in the game (Ghosts can come from/take over Human Ships, according to the basic lore)
* Ktlitans, already have their own ships - already in the game

Alien Ships Needed:
* Kraylor
* Exuari
* Arlenians

(Honestly I think Arlenians should have flying saucers :) )


  • I'm going to try that random ship generator soon, I'll try some for those races...that is if no one else does. I'm pretty strapped for time right now. I haven't even gotten my Lego ships to work yet.
  • edited June 2016
    To me the random ship generator creates Human looking style capitol ships. Maybe putting some different textures might make them look more alien like.
    Or rotate the cubes by 90 degrees before generating the extrusions.

    I'm learning more on Blender so maybe I can make some better models than I can in Misfit Model 3D. Or maybe do something with OpenSCAD (glances at Ship-not-even-wrong :) ).
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