[OS X] Forked 20160624 release

SFML has multiple known issues related to OS X, with the most prominent one being poor handling of missing or unavailable OpenGL extensions. For EmptyEpsilon, this results in the Science or Relay stations being unplayable on some Macs.

Because OS X isn't a supported OS for EmptyEpsilon, I've forked it to implement a very rough workaround for these issues. The first release for this fork coincides with the 20160624 release.

You can download the ZIP here. I'll continue updating the fork to maintain the workaround while looking for a better, more sustainable fix, and will also try to address other OS X-specific issues.

I have only a few Macs to test this release on (a MacBook Air, a Mac Mini, and a very old MacBook), so I'm very curious if there are other issues with this build to resolve. If you find OS X-specific issues, please report them on the fork at https://github.com/oznogon/EmptyEpsilon.


  • Does your fork support the Christmas 2017 release (that's the one we are using - have not upgraded to latest yet)?
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