[GAME] Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Ubisoft/No longer VR only)



  • I got the PSVR DLC for The Enterprise D 2 nights ago.
    The Ent-D looks good, but, it didn't blow me away. Was nice to see it from outside. Already seen her in VR already with the Stage 9 recreation project.
    The voice actors are the same as the JJverse Aegis. Not sure how I feel about their placement on the bridge. Worf at Tachical always dealt with incomming Comms and in Bridge Crew the Science officer and comms officer are in the Riker's and Troi's posistions.

    You can only do the Continuing Voyages missions with The D.

    Wish the price was cheaper (currently $15 US) since it took so long to have any new content released. That and I'll have to pay for it again when it comes out for PC.
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    DLC is coming out on July 21 for PC. So far it's only out for PSVR.
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    ST:BC now available on Oculus Quest - $29.99 USD.


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