[HTTP add on] A bomb in the ship !


I made a http add on to simulate a bomb in the ship. I think about a scenario where an ennemy is infiltrated into the ship, and go out (in a rescue pod for example, or a little ship) after activating a bomb. Players have to 1- catch the ennemy without kill him or 2- go to a science station to understand how to defuse the bomb.

I used the code proposed by Johan de Jong (https://codepen.io/Grezvany13/full/BjYrRg) and adapt it for EE : the game master choose how time the players have to defuse the bomb, the password needed and the IP of the game server.

Then The game master launch it in a browser, players receive log to know how time they have left. They have to find the password before the bomb explose with the ship (it could be possible to be easier and only to damage some part of the ship.

Here is the 7z file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xozdov90lrxv45a/bombe.7z?dl=0

Extract it in the www directory of your EE game and configure the html file.

Sorry about the mess in the javascript code, I am a newbee on it :) And the add on is in french, but I think every one will understand it :) I will maybe separe later the configuration variables in a different file and translate it later.

I only test in the server, but I think there is no problem to launch the bomb from another PC.

Now, I will search to launch the bomb from a GM function, to be more usefull.

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