[Scenario] Freighter and fighters

I used the Battlestation template to create a freighter which can launch 5 Fighters independently, in order to play with a full crew and up to 5 single pilot stations.

The GM has 5 functions to launch and remove the fighters. Fighters are initialy docked to the freighter. The Freighter can move and jump with the fighters.

In order to avoid the arc beams from fighters (to simplify the helm and the weapons stations), a function remove beams and restore it when fighter undock.

To simplify, this scenario launch the basic scenario to test it.

Here is the scenario :

Here is the template for the freighter :

Comments are welcome.



  • Nice!!
  • Note, in the latest code base, I removed the "setSizeClass" and added "setDockClasses"

    Each template has a class (and subclass), and with this function you can be more specific on which type of ships are allowed to dock to a ship.

    I'm also looking to adding a "carrier" type ship per default for players.
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