How do we change models?

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Can anybody direct me how to change ship models, i can only find one, any help will be appreciated!


  • Which game are you referring to?
  • EE most likely.

    The reason you only see a single model with the game, is that the rest is packed in a special format. This due to the license under which those models where bought.
    So modifying most of the models isn't possible, as the license of those models forbid that. (Shame, but without 3D artist in my near circle. You have to do something)

    However, if you use a text editor to open the scripts/model_data.lua and scripts/shipTemplates.lua files, those define the ship classes and which models are used. The existing .obj model serves as an example for how models can also be added to the game. Just make sure you export your models with both normals and UV mappings, else the game crashes.
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