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We played a couple games of EE already and thought a little about the Players' ships you can chose when you host a game. Having only 3 choices, from only 1 faction, seem a little bit limiting when you have already more than 20 of them with different look and stats. I have no idea how you implement this, but I'll just put the idea here if it may get your attention !

Could it be possible to implement a new choice in the "Select ship" menu -> "Custom" (or any other title you seem fit)


That would bring a pop menu containing essentially all the choices you get when you Retrofit in the Game Master console.

- Ship name
- Ship alias
- Faction
- Ship type (the ship menu from the "create" menu)

- "ship stats" --- (all the choices from the "retrofit" menu)
- Reputation --- (being able to setup the starting reputation of a ship could be great too)


And finally, the best of best would be to have an option to "save" theses settings for later game.


Another way to get something like this would be to allow the Game Master console to change the status of a ship to "player" so it can be chosen by clients afterward.


With that kind of option in the server screen, it would let players to try any type of ship. But also, in a DM and PVP perspective, to create "on the spot" unique ships for players. With their own name on it, own cosmetic apparence and stats.

From a LARP perspective, such option would help us to offer some sort of customization and "leveling up" for the players between each game. Setuping their ships before the mission, with upgrades like +1 missile tube or +20 hull, awarded from completing missions from the previous games.

Many thanks for your consideration and time !

(and sorry for my writing, french is my first language, not english...)


  • Player ships also require an interior setup for engineering (repairs), which is one of the reasons the choices are limited.

    Player ships are in general also stronger versions of the AI ships. For game balance reasons.

    You can however, edit the shipTemplates.lua file to make more player ships if you want.

    For a LARP perspective, you can do what you want already. The GM screen can customize ships, and scripts can modify almost any aspect of a ship on-the-fly.
    For quick changes/setups, you can make a scenario with GM buttons that modify the player ship on the fly.
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    You can however, edit the shipTemplates.lua file to make more player ships if you want.
    I just made a test as you suggested !

    I wondered what was the design element to keep in mind ? does the placement of the modules impact how the ship is damaged ? Do you have some tips for designing those ships gameplay wise ?



  • There is no real effect of the layout except for the paths the crew have to take.

    If you leave out a system, you won't be able to repair it.
  • Yes, just don't put two of the same system, I toyed with that, interesting results..
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