Passworded Ships

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For the PVP scenario there's nothing keeping the other team from connecting to your ship and messing with Engineering, taking shields off line, initiating Self Destruct, watching where you are, etc.

I recommend requiring a Pin Number in order to connect. The first computer to connect to a ship could have the pin number displayed to allow other consoles to connect. The self destruct widgets can be used to enter the Pin. Course I would think that this would require code changes in EE.

This would be nice to have mostly for online games. That way other people can connect to your game, but not mess with your ship.
Should be a setting in the scenario as this wouldn't helpful for single ship games.


  • In the scenario or in the game creation screen?

    (For online games, I see this being useful. For offline games, you can punch someone in the face when they are a dick)
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    daid said:

    In the scenario or in the game creation screen?

    Maybe set a variable in the scenario.

    Here's my train of thought....

    An online continuously running server for crews to connect to and play games whenever they get a crew together and possibly play with other ships.

    Create an internet facing Dedicated Server, with the webserver firewalled off and only accessible via localhost.

    Have a frontend website (PHP?) that users can connect to that is able to issue commands via exec.lua (or set.lua) to spawn new ships . There would be a limitation of how many ships a client (via session or IP) can launch in a certain time period. In the scenario, make a function kick off if a new ship hasn't answered an initial hail in 30-60 seconds that will destroy the ship to keep extra ships from hanging around (spawn-spam removal). Have the ships password protected so other online players can only connect to their ship.

    Create large play area with wormholes for quicker transportation times. Make the Space Stations nearly indestructible. Spawn enemy ships in certain areas after a period of time if the numbers drop to a specified number in the script. Have smaller missions in the main scenario for players to go though.

    daid said:

    (For online games, I see this being useful. For offline games, you can punch someone in the face when they are a dick)

    Sometimes It's easier to block them than have to baby sit them.
  • Note that this won't prevent people from "hacking" the game. The network code runs on mutual trust. And there is no validation done to check if a client can do a certain action on a certain ship in the server code.
  • I'm not too worried about "hacking" the game, more to just put something there saying, "private party". I know there's nothing keeping someone from modifying a client and sending commands to the server as another station. Thinking of this mostly a deterrent as well as a reservation system.
  • Just thought of a way to make this part of the game...

    Call these "Control Codes". If the scenario has the option enabled, ships can try to access other ships using a widget entering a set number of Control Code re-tries. If a certain amount of invalid login attempts are entered, they would be locked out of the ship for X amount of time before retries are accepted again. A setting to scramble the control codes, like the shield frequencies, would be available on one of the consoles (like Relay for instance). Without the control code option enabled in the scenario, it would act like a pass code, or could be disabled completely.
  • This ideas reminds of the wrath of Khannn!!!!!!!
  • Flea11 said:

    This ideas reminds of the wrath of Khannn!!!!!!!

    That was the point of my last post :)
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