To all fighters - Scramble!

Title : Requiem for Mona 7

Pitch : Since their decisive strike on Mona 7, the Human Navy's operational base for the Rayleigh Sector, the Kraylor have dealt the final blow to our defense. The HNS Aldrin, a capital battleship, prepares the way for the Human Navy's retreat from the sector, but much is left to do : secure the remaining colonists, . With the Kraylor Fleet attacking the HNS Aldrin, it's a race against the clock to save what can be saved, protect the flagship and, if we are lucky, live to fight another day.

Players : 4 fighters (variants for 2, 6 ?)

Mission : A pretty straightforward defense. At the start, the fighters and other HN ships scramble from the battleship, as waves of Kraylors close in. The HNS Aldrin starts to charge its long-range jump core (which will take ~30 min to charge). Until then, you must protect it, and "events" can occur as well (wave of colonists needing protection, Kraylor jump jammer, Kraylor flaghip, ...). Some of these event can disrupt the jump charge.
The HNS Aldrin can be contacted to ask its status, rearm/repair, send additional ships out (limited).

Status : Writing done, code started

Thought on the pitch/mission ?


  • Note, if the fighters are single manned player ships, you might want to call:
    On them, as that will make the repair crew auto-target damaged systems. And thus solve one of the issues with player fighters.
    You still will have heating problems...
  • I say good for the heating problems. A single-pilot ship should have less capability/flexibility compared to a full-crew ship.
  • I mean, systems will heat up, but never cool down.
  • edited March 2016
    How about allowing fighters to "vent" the systems to space to cool them. Require the ship to make a full stop, power off shields and wait several seconds while the ship vents. This could cool all systems faster than waiting for them to cool down manually. This way the ship is a sitting duck while it cools.

    Or perhaps a simpler solution: When docked the fighters can cool down.
  • Thanks for the tips :)
    As I always take Damage Control and Power Management along with single-seat, I didn't thought about it. Indeed, auto-repair is a must-have.

    I'll try to have a working version up in the week. I hope I can assemble a crew soon enough to test it then.
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