Revive playership


is there a way to revive the playership?
I have the idea to destroy the ship (by player:destroy() or player:setHull(0))
and than revive it, but player:setHull(100) doesnt work. Its also not possible to spawn a new playership (player:PlayerSpaceship():setShipTemp....).

If anyone did it before, or has an idea of how to do it, im very interested in it.


  • There is no way. As soon as the ship is destroyed, the stations are "disconnected" from it (snow). And the players will have to connect to the new ship.
  • hm ... ok ...

    is there a way to show the "disconnected"-screen to the stations?
  • I'd like to be able to script a disconnected screen as well for all stations as well as single stations.
  • You mean the snow? Currently not. There isn't anything script->specific station interaction done yet.
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