Engineering Presets & Alert Status Web pages

I uploaded my html pages for Engineering Presets, Alert Status & Main screen controls to GitHub.

I still need to tweak the Alert Status Page to work properly, as well as make it work better on mobile devices.


  • Does alert status automatically set certain things?

    Would be nice if Yellow alert automatically raised shields... >.>
  • No It just changes colors, but it wouldn't take much to raise and lower shields.
  • Just pushed up some code to raise/lower shields on Alert Status. As well as some fading effects and various other fixes.
  • Thank I just have to wait for the next build >.<
  • I don't know of a reason why it wouldn't work on the current build.
  • I just want to be able to see when red alert and yellow alert are set. Those things are so big and opaque.
  • Thanks, kwadroke !
  • Oh so it's not built in. Damn. ._.
  • @John Bono : with this running on another screen, you'll definitely be able to tell the alert status.

    @Fedalmouse : No, it's not built in. I doubt it will be included in the game; and that's fine with me. This should be considered an optional component.
    You just have to download the zip, extract to www in EE, enable in options.ini, and point your web browser to the server's IP and choose your screen.
  • Can't wait to have a play. I figure if shields are going up automatically that would wait until Red Alert, right?
  • When you go to Red Alert, the shields will automatically go up. If you go to Yellow Alert or Normal from Red Alert, it will go down. Going from normal to yellow alert will not raise shields.

    There are 2 different selections from the main (index.html) page, the first does not control shields, where the 2nd will.
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