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  • Hi, I have been playing Empty Epsilon via my LARP group in the Netherlands. To aid my group, I like to make ship and station models and who know what more will follow. And maybe the models will be decent enough that I can aid the community ass well.
  • That would be cool, Skeweder
  • Belated welcome Rogue_9,

    I'd love to join you, but blegh discord XD. Empty Epsilon is a fun game. It might be worth grabbing Artemis (sometimes free copies are shared out on Steam forums) other times you can grab a copy from a friend or a friend of a friend. (You can also grab the steam version for a small cost).

    The reason I say this is because the major group appears to be the United Stellar Navy or the Terran Stellar Navy (that usually plays Artemis, haven't seen them play anything yet though but I think there's certainly that option since EE is freely available). TSN play every Saturday.

  • Hello everyone,

    I discovered Bridge Simulator by chance some weeks ago and I played my first game with friends on Empty Epsilon. This was an incredible experience and since then I'm trying to gather all information I can to improve our games and discover more about this kind of play.

    I think I'm the good place here :)

  • Indeed. There are lots of posts to wade through. Feel free to ask questions. The USN discord server has active Artemis and Empty Epsilon players and developers:


  • Welcome Arktus.

  • Hello commanders.

    I, like alot of people, am sequestered to my home during this pandemic. Naturally, this has thrown a wrench into my normal RPG game. We talked about using something like Roll20 but decided that none of us was really keen on this.

    As soon as I can get resurrect a Dell workstation to act as a server, we should be scratching this RPG itch soon... the RAM I ordered should be here in a couple days.


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    Welcome, iGregory67

  • hello there

    i just discovered the BSB things. I was already a fond of a little game on android, in a more light fashion, so i'm quite impatient to run my first game.

    Apart from that, i'm running a small press organization, since 2011, for translating / publishing indy rpg, storygames, and a lot of "nerdy" games disrupting the frontiers.

    So i'm thinking/i'd like to do something for/with EE , sarting with a complete translation to french, and hopefully, going beyond that.

  • Welcome, logan23.

  • Heyo.

    I'm Jeff. Dad to three humans, ages 5, 8 and 10 and two dogs. Married 12 years. Postal Clerk. Dress boringly, except that I sometimes wear interesting hats. Broadly considered strange, in a more or less pleasant way. Maybe they're just being polite, though.

    Been searching hither and yon for a good bridge sim. The only one I've found that seems workable on devices I have access to is Empty Epsilon, the community for which is this forum. And I'm already having problems because I can't even download it! So I've come here, seeking wisdom.

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    Welcome, JeffSkarski

    Are you trying to get EE for Android or Windows, or ???

  • Well, that is about the most entertaining introduction here...

    A few of us do a little EE now and again... I would tell you to also check out the USN on Discord, but I see you have already done so...

  • Both. I want to do something a little unusual, actually.

    Sarah and I have been trying to figure out a way to keep the kids motivated not to destroy the house too badly. To that end, I want to develop the fantasy that our house is a starship, with each of the kids having a role that comes with a certain set e chores and a bridge station bundled together. The kids may rotate through the roles, but the idea is for the relationship between stations and chores to be stable.

    After a period of training to establish they can operate the stations comfortably, we'll have "encounters" every so often starting with a quick, surreptitious inspection of the house, calibration of the game to match the results of the inspection, and then a call to battle stations and a mission played as a family.

    If, say, the laundry is backed up or a mess, maybe engineering won't have enough energy or coolant. Dirty dishes in the sink equal low power to weapons or missiles not in their tubes. Cluttered common areas render the controls sluggish.

    Or something.

    The idea is for the kids to associate mess with specific consequences, instead of hoping they'll clean a mess they don't actually care about just because they know we want them to.

    I have a number of Windows and Android devices around here, but I'd need to use them together to have enough for a bridge.

    Anyone know if there's a way to make it work on Xbox one? It would make a good main screen.

  • Don't know of any Bridge Sims that would work on XBox, much less a main screen.

  • Jeff, Empty Epsilon works fine on Windows. I've gotten it to run on my Android device, but I relegate the Android to Engineering only since it does not handle the other consoles as well.

    Regarding your household situation and how it relates to ship performance:

    Laundry: From GM screen, select player ship, click the TWEAK button, then the PLAYER 2 button and adjust the COOLANT slider appropriately

    Dishes: From the GM screen, select the player ship, click the TWEAK button, then the TUBES button and adjust the LOAD TIME slider per missile tube appropriately (higher values makes the tubes load slower)

    Clutter: GM screen, player ship, TWEAK, then SYSTEMS and adjust the MANEUVERING HEALTH MAX slider appropriately

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    Thanks !

    So i started to dig into EE....

    EE seems much deep than other SSB and would diserve to be better known and supported. I hope i will be able to contribute to that...

  • Welcome, logan23

  • Hi, new here, looking to build a decent setup at a reasonable cost, background is Star Trek combat simulation games and single player like Klingon Academy and Bridge Commender. Competent programmer and designer so looking for something I can mod and script using python C# or javascript, load models in various formats, design star systems etc. Ideally run on low cost hardware like PI's but I collect old laptops too.

  • hello and thanks for the add.

  • Welcome, Jupe

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