PVP Map ?

Hello, I was interested by adding a PVP map to my pipeline (that is to say, not for now, but to do later). I've scribbled a few this weekend to obtain a core concept.

Summary :
Since its creation, the Shangri-la station was governed by a multi-ethnic consortium which assured the independence of the station across the conflicts that shook the sector. However, the station's tranquility came to an abrupt end when most of the governing consortium's members were assassinated under a Exuari false flag operation. Now the station is in state of civil war, with total infighting breaking out between warring factions.

Both the neighboring Human Navy and Kraylors are worried that the breakdown of order in Shangri-La could give any advantage to the other and sent out "peacekeepers" to turn the situation to their own advantage. Human Navy's HNS Gallipoli and Kraylor's Crusader Naa'Tvek face off in an all out battle for Shangri-La.

Basic rules for the first version :
Each faction starts out with a small station (that has special commands, like deploy fighter wing) and fighters. Periodically, the station will deploy ships to will go to Shangri-La automatically.
Dominating the Shangri-la sector (that is to say, no ships from the opposing faction) will bring points over time. The faction that reach the required number of points win.

Possible upgrades, after the first version :
* Send out troop transports. They will try to dock to the station. If they are alive and docked, they bring points over time.
* Have some side missions popping randomly that brings advantages to the faction that accomplishes them.

Anyone would be interested by this concept ?


  • As Kwadroke recently mentioned he had some troubles setting up PvP, I think this could be nice.

    I think you have two options, auto-respawn player ships when they are destroyed. Or claim victory for the other party when the player ship was destroyed.
  • I made that when one of the capital ship is destroyed, it is automatically respawned with a random callsign, and enemies are given victory points and reputation.

    A quick test made me see that my current method of scoring is highly inadequate, as there is always ships around the station. I think of scraping the area dominance idea and adding the troops transports as the main method of scoring.

    As a means of scorekeeping, the Shangri-La station can be contacted to see faction scores. Also, faction station can be contacted to see score, send an extra wave (for reputation), recharge missiles and stuff (again reputation) or send more ships. They also spawn a wave of ships (2 fighters) every 2 minutes.
  • Here is the first version of the PVP map : http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=91113873638459134868

    The objective for both players is to protect their troop transports from the enemy while they board the station. Each troop transport successfully docked to the station will bring points over time, as long as they are not destroyed.
  • - Fixed bug in reinforcement call
    - Made a 20s respawn for players
    - Randomized the y-axis placement of troop transports, as they may hinder each other while docking to Shangri-La

    Not really shiny, but it seems to work, I'll commit it to the Github repo.
  • https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/commit/002a4de8c2f2ede3d1a9e146a92b01b5cf24d73f

    I've fixed the "scanning anything will scan it for the enemy player as well". It was a larger patch job then I anticipated. But it will fix problems with the PvP scenario (which is also part of the main releases now, thanks to the effort of Fouindor)
  • Thanks. I've bitten more than what I could chew with this scanning thing ^^
  • No problem, as I said, it was a bigger patch then I expected.

    Note that player ships are still always fully scanned by every faction. So players are still easy to spot.
  • edited March 2016
    I've added a function to set the scan state for a particular faction (on the script side), for use in PVP Scenario.

    For player ships, a workaround with the new function is set all enemy factions to the false scanned state.
  • Is it the same download link as before? I haven't tried it yet. But I may tonight
  • No, I've merged the scenario and further updates in the public github (https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon), note that the latest version do require the compiled from latest source version for now as I changed things in EE's code (new setScannedByFaction function).

    The download link is an old version, before release. If you want an updated version, without the faction scan thing, here it is : http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06616748273338729105

    In this version, no ship, except the player ships are scanned. There may be an issue where some fighters may become stuck in Shangri-La when wanting to reach an enemy ship on the other side.
  • Okay cool thank you!
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