Recommended Version?

What is the most recent stable version you'd recommend? I currently run an Artemis-only RP community, the United Stellar Navy ( We're running into the limitations of Artemis, and am looking longingly at EE.

We've done some testing with EE back in October, IIRC. At the time, there were some issues finding a stable version that worked well for us without regular crashes.

Has this situation improved, and the latest version is a no brainer? Or should we stick to the August or July version from last year that was stable for us at the time?

Looking forward to your recommendations, cats.


  • The bleeding edge version is good :)
  • Crashes seem to have slowed down for me. Plus now we get dumps if the game crashes, which we can then report it to daid to help debug..

    I would grab the latest official release from

    My Unofficial Test Builds are good for testing, checking new features & bug fixes. I wouldn't consider these as releases and ready for prime-time as they aren't blessed by daid. Also, they aren't compatible with the Android releases since they usually have different build dates.
  • In general, I delete builds that have major issues on

    I just added a new build today, to address a few minor issues.
    Around October we indeed had quite a few stability issues. Thanks to the crash logs most or all of this has been addressed.

    There has been 1 crash that has been causing problems for the last few versions. It could crash the server, and is related to music. I did change code (removed the cross-fading), which I hope solves that crash. But it is hard to trace down the root cause.

    If you want the most stability possible, grab the 05-01-2016 version, and delete all the music files on the server.

    The test builds from Kwadroke are good if you want to test with the latest changes. But I won't recommend them for events due the possible compatibility issues, and possible bugs. I do like it that some of you manage to find&fix bugs before I even notice them.
  • Just a note that there's not a current Android Build to go with 05-01-2016 for Windows, and as Kwadroke mentioned the droid app needs to match the windows release to work, so bear that in mind regarding the hardware for your event.
  • Looks like we're going to do an internet-based test game on Sunday, after our usual scheduled Artemis game. I'm guessing we'll have about 6 people stick around for it.

    We'll be talking via Teamspeak at Consider this an open invite if anyone wants to come check it out.

    I am not promising that we'll be organized. In fact, we'll probably kill a lot of time while people are installing the client, and figuring it out, etc.

    But I'm looking forward to it. It sure would be good to transition my community off Artemis and onto EE.
  • Sounds like it's the right way to go ! ;)
    One of the main advantages is its flexibility, and that if you submit a suggestion, it will be at the very least listenend to :)
    Or if you're feeling adventurous, you can even code it yourself !
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