First Scenario

I have completed my first "true" scenario, titled "Ghost from the Past" which draws heavy inspiration from my 2 micro-missions I used for my test-play of EmptyEpsilon.

Here is the pitch :
Far from any frontline or civilization, patrolling the Stakhanov Mining Complex can be dull, consisting mainly of seizing contraband and stopping drunken brawls. It is indeed a lonely ward brightened only by R&R at the Marco Polo station. However, when an inbound FTL-capable Ktlitan Swarm is announced, you must scramble to save the Sector !
I have conducted basic mechanism correctness testing, and everything seems OK. However, using accelerated time and the GM console, I have no idea if the flow or balancing of the mission is any good.

Since I will not be able to assemble my crew before at least one month, I've taken the decision to share it anyways with the community, albeit in a "beta" state.

NOTE : You will require a version of EmptyEpsilon with the getShieldsFrequency function !

Download :


  • I'll try to a run through this weekend of the mission.
  • Ok, here are the main problems I encountered in my first solo run :
    - First attack on Stakhanov is too quick.
    - HNS Shiva does not attack, just sits here... seems that I botched my template ^^
    - Regrouping of Marco Polo and Stakhanov survivors is too long... I'll try to add warp to HNS Parangon, HNS Tigris and HNS Euphrates.
    - Black Ops extraction squad is too quick and does not wait for escort.
    - Black Ops extraction squad stay too little in the mainframe to be really threatened.

    On the story front, I'm not satisfied by one of the possible paths of the end. This mission is maybe a bit too combat-heavy (especially one possible path ^^).

    I'll try to fix all this and maybe commit the fixed version to have one more scenario out of the box.
  • Seems that the issue with the HNS Shiva is due to AI not knowing how to handle nukes, it thinks there is no missiles and therefore does not attack. I will try to think about what can be improved and how.

    Fixed the rest, will test tomorrow.
  • Yes, AI does not handle any other missile types yet,
  • No problem, I replaced Nukes with Homing Missiles (less threatening for the HNS Shiva). Is it okay to upload my scenario to the main depository ? (one more mission out of the box ^^)

    For nukes, the issue is not trivial for me...

    Started working on the sequel also, which will combine a special player missile cruiser with player fighters. How I envision the crew :
    - Commander
    - Carrier Tactical Officer
    - Carrier Engineer (engi+)
    - Carrier Operation Officer
    - Fighter Pilot #1
    - Fighter Pilot #2

    I've titled it Black Tide for now, summary is temporary for now :
    " After the attack on Black Site #114, Navy's Black Ops sent a stealth carrier, the HNS Fenghuang and its escort deep into Ghost territory for a retaliatory strike. They must move undetected and disable the sector's Tachyon Communication Relay in order to prevent any reinforcement. After cutting the Ghost's communication, they must brace for an even more daring assault on the Ghost Mainframe."
  • Nukes for AI is a complex one, as you do not want the AI to destroy other friendly ships with nukes by mistake.

    As for including scenarios in the main release. Yes, please, having more scenarios in there is always good. It also allows other people to look at the code and make improvements/fixes.
  • I'm thinking about major changes in the start of the scenario. Players complained about the brutal start. I think maybe have them accomplish tasks like seizing contraband at the start instead of having directly a massive assault.
  • Or you could document that it starts off quite brutal.
    The first wave almost gets destroyed by the friendly ships when I just tested it, so that's not that bad.
    Another option would be to give the players some more time to recharge between waves. Charged shields are all the difference.

    The Ktlitans are interesting enemies. Because they carry no shields, you can apply other tactics. Backing off to recharge shields and let other ships/stations take some shield damage is a valid tactic. As any damage you do on them will go to the hull.

    I hope I can give this scenario a swing next Thursday.
  • Rewrote Black Tide to have a more "sneaky" feeling, adding several phases and secondary objectives. May start to code in the week.

    I have also some things in the pipeline, a more random "Border Patrol" mission.
  • I will make some fixes and overhaul some parts of Ghost from the Past, as I will test the new version with a brand-new crew next week.

    A sad part is that I keep on saying that I'll do things but never get around implementing them at the end, but at least I'm not missing ideas :)
  • Did this make it into a release? If not, were there any additions or refinements made?
  • To my knowledge, it made it into the release. : )
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