Translation ?

I have toyed with the idea of translation of the GUI. However, it seems that I was quite naïve in thinking that it would work "just like this" ^^

(there, Cyrillic characters do not show)

Nevertheless, I thought that replacing the default font with a font that provided the extra Latin + Cyrillic characters would be fine... guess my naiveness know no bounds :P
(here, the ñ from "Español" appear weirdly)

So, I tried to familiarize with how to render other character sets (mainly non-English Latin and Cyrillic), and the answer seemed quite complicated, requiring the use of unicode strings (wide character strings) (

I'm mainly confused on how it would be implemented without taking the engine to pieces. Can it be done in a "simple" (without recoding everything) fashion ? Is it worth it ? Thank you for your answers :)


  • It is likely that this has something to do with the implementation of the text. It may not be supporting the full unicode array. For example UTF8. There may very well be security reasons behind this as well as space saving reasons. (This game runs exceptionally quickly.)
  • I've solved this issue a bit ago (kept updated the page on the github) : my Codeblocks on my personal laptop was configured to interpret as UTF8 and my secondary laptop was set to interpret sources files as ANSI.

    Meanwhile, I ran into some other issues and think that maybe I will shelve this addition for now.
  • Translations are always tricky. And yes, my code does not properly support unicode right now. While some parts might work, the line wrapping calculations most likely won't.

    Supporting translations never was a priority for me. But I have done translation support for a work project a few weeks back.
  • Even without unicode support (which I suppose would require rather extensive engine work), a decent number of languages can be supported with ANSI : French, Spanish, Italian...
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