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Going to start putting all of my mods under this discussion to keep from littering the forums.

Here's one of my GUI Mods. Gives the screen a bit more color and moves away from the rounded buttons.
I replaced gui_arrow.png, border_background.png, & button_background.png




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    Trek Model Mod - Work in Progress. Assets converted from the ST-TNG mod from the Artemis Forums.

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

    USS Defiant NX-74205

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Refit) - Needs some color tweaking. Kind of dark & hard to see.

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    Let me say a hearty thank you for doing star trek.

    My crew loooves star trek and the artemis mod, but it crashes all the time, I await your mod!!


    I like it being more dark than Artemis.
  • I've made some of my own mods.   Just wondering, where do the obj files need to be located?   

    I can only get the files working if they're located inside packs/SolCommand, but I've already added a dozen different files (when you include the textures) and it's getting messy.   Is there a way that I can tell EE to look for my custom files in their own folder?
  • PaulusmaximusEE has the paths hard coded.Unless your mission scripts say other wise, you'll need to put them in the SolCommand folder.

    My WIP Trek mod does a script chain-load that puts them in a sub folder called "trek" in scripts.
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    Updated screen shots of the still WIP Trek mod


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    I'll be able to get back to work on the Trek mod after this weekend. Need to finish up building my computer & monitor cases for the Mini Maker Faire this Saturday.

    I have modified more of the UI graphics to replace existing ones to make it look more like LCARS.
  • Needing to get back to the Trek mod before the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.
  • Yes, I'm super busy this week and weekend but I can still help,
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    EDIT : Posted in the wrong thread, sorry.
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    I'm back to work on the Trek Mod again.
    GUI has been (mostly) converted. Probably need to do some color tweaks. Want to replace the system icons.
    Fixed an issue with the Enterprise Refit, although the texture is mirrored (Deled 3D to OBJ issue Think I have it working now. actually the issue isn't an issue now cause it needs to be mirrored for EE to re-mirror). Did some config changes to scale the player ships to be closer to stock EE ships.

    * Add enemy ships (Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi) - Already have models converted, just need to add to LUA.
    * Add original Enterprise/Constitution Class
    * Create Mission that uses ships (having issues getting the GameMaster screen to find my ships to make mission creation easier)

    Should be able to work on it more this week to have it for testing during next week's BridgeSim Wednesday.

    Bonus/other content:
    Working on the HMS Fearless from the Honorverse. Not Trek related but the first of the potential TRMN mod.
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    Prometheus Class Starship now added with "proper" engineering layout.
    This is the class of ship that one of the Star Trek groups that I'm a part of uses.

    Definitely need to do some color adjustments. Mostly for Engineering.
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    Today's Updates:

    CPU Ships added:
    * Intrepid Class Starship
    * Romulan Warbird
    * Ferengi Marauder
    * Couple of Klingon ships

    Bases added:
    * Starbase
    * DS9
    * Regula Station
    * Romulan Base

    Additional ToDos:

    * Fix Collision Boxes
    * Minor rescaling
    * Find Klingon Bird of Prey model
    * Find additional Romulan ship

    Depending on how busy I am this weekend, I might release a test version.

  • Oh awesome!!!
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    Some Screen shots of work so far. Click image to see a larger one.

    Splash Screen

    Server Setup screen

    Starfleet Ships & bases

    Enemies (and Ferengi Independent) & Base

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  • This looks very good, hopefully it will be enough to drag my friends out to play...
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    Today's Update (so far)
    * Adjusted CollisionBoxes. Still needs more tweaks, but definitely better.
    * Minor rescaling on Klingon & Romulan Bird of Prey and Intrepid.
    * Fixed rotation of Klingon & Romulan Bird of Prey models
    * can now select autospawn ship from Variations menu for ST Demo mission.

    Still left To Do:
    * Replace Sound Effects (I have done this already in an older version, just need to find or recreate)
    * Replace Music

    Future To Do (2nd release):
    * Make Enemy ships/races playable in scenario
    - Add rooms, systems, weapons to non Human Navy ships
  • I'll have a test version uploaded a few hours before BSW today at 7PM CDT (UTC -5).

    During some testing of a "Glorious Battle" demo scenario I noticed that I haven't balanced the weapons on the ships yet. Klingons keep winning. Probably due to the number of ships. I'm working on balancing weapons now.

    For some reason the simplest model (Borg Cube) is giving me some grief in EE. Will need to re-create it. The Borg might not be ready for tonight.
  • Looks amazing ! Do you host the mod on a public code repository ?
  • Honestly, I haven't decided how I'm handling it yet.
  • Will it be download the necessary files and paste over copy of EE, or will it be like the whole EE game and download? Or is that what you haven't figured out yet?

    I can help with building rooms, systems etc on the other ships, I've done about 4 of my own, I have it fairly figured out..
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    Right now you will need to replace the packs, resources, & scripts folders for the easiest setup. I'm not removing existing functionality/scripts from the game, just adding to it.
    I'll upload the latest version tonight.

    I've just about have to room layouts figured out. Graph paper makes this easier.

    Eventually there will be Modifications to the scripts to play Klingons and Romulans once I get the ship interiors created.
  • Awesome I will try it out!
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    Download the Trek Mod here:

    Let me know of any problems.

    EDIT 2020-11-15. Link no longer works
  • Oh cool, I have a few friends who are into their Trek, have been meaning to investigate this but lately life has got squarely in the way. Looking forward to checking this out!
  • By the way it might just be me @kwadroke but most of the images in this thread appear to be broken?
  • Yeah, when I moved servers I didn't put my gallery where the images are stored back up. I'll see about towards the end of the week.

    Need to get back to the ST mod anyway which will have more pictures.
  • Hey Kwadroke
    Planning to run Star Trek EE mod for my birthday in a few weekends, any chance of a update??? ;)
  • @Flea11, should have some time this weekend to work on an update.
  • A few days behind schedule, but, back working on the mod. Currently fixing the CollisionBoxes on the Bases as well as other minor tweaks.
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