Soundtrack addition for EE

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Been adding a few songs here and there from my personal collection.

I have songs from the 60s, star wars, 70, 80s and a few other soundtracks from other space games.

Here is what I have:
Overture from the Wing Commander Movie
Battlefield 2 menu soundtrack
Star Wars The Empire strikes back asteroid field
Space Lion from Cowboy bebop
Menu sound track from X2 
and the stock soundtracks

Danger Zone from the Top Gun soundtrack
Mighty Wings from Top Gun soundtrack
The Final Countdown - Europe
Highway to hell and Shoot to thrill from AC/DC
Bird is the Word from the Trashmen
Fortunate-Son from CCR.
Nowhere to run from Martha Reeves
Star Wars Imperial March
and the stock soundtracks.

Makes for a good game, good mix of songs.

I also modified a gunship with wider arcs but less missiles for anti-star fighter duty.  Works good, 

Anyone else been adding songs?  Any suggestions?


  • I haven't added any songs yet. I plan to when I get the models ready for a Star Trek Mod. That's probably something I'll get to in the new year.
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