Important Artemis SBS version 2.0 info

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Details on the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator version 2.0 update from

---When will Artemis 2.0 be released?
The PC version will be available on August 14, 2013.

---How much will it cost?
The PC bridge license will remain $40 USD. Players who have already purchased an Artemis PC bridge license are entitled to a coupon, so they can buy V2.0 for the upgrade price of $5 USD.

---How will I get a coupon code, so I can buy 2.0 for $5us?

All coupon codes will be emailed. You can currently buy the game digitally from two companies; FastSpring, and MyCommerce/RegNow. You will get coupons good at both online stores.

If you purchased from those online stores in the past, we have your email and will email the coupon codes to you in time for you to use one when the game becomes available.

If you don't get a coupon code in a timely fashion, feel free to send an email to, and attach proof of purchase (forwarding your email receipt works). We will reply with the coupon codes.

---What if I don't have a receipt?

If you purchased the game some other way (like at a convention), or got a free copy somehow (contest winner, convention award), then the proof of purchase will be a digital picture of your game CD or USB stick, alongside your smiling face. Just attach it to the email.

---Are you charging for ALL upgrades now?

No. PC V2.0 is the first time we've charged for anything beyond your initial purchase, and it's because V2.0 is such a major re-build of the game. We've NEVER said that ALL upgrades will be free, and never said that customers are buying an unfinished or risky product.

But we don't expect to charge owners anything for V2.1, or V2.5, just like we never charged for V1.1, or V1.5.

---Will you still offer a 100% money-back guarantee?

Yes. We have ALWAYS offered a 100% no-questions money-back guarantee for Artemis, and we always will. For PC digital downloads, it's easy to refund the credit/debit card you used. However, Apple, Amazon, and Google have much more restrictive systems for handling refunds on the IOS and Android versions. If you want a refund for those versions, you may have to contact us directly at, and we'll have to use paypal to give you the refund.

If all other options are closed, I'm happy to write a refund check and snail-mail it to you.

---What if I buy a week before 2.0 comes out?

If you bought an Artemis PC bridge license less than 90 days before PC V2.0 is released, send an email to, and attach proof of purchase (forwarding your email receipt works). We will reply with a download link for the 2.0 version, so you don't have to pay $5.

---Is 2.0 backward compatible with 1.7?

No. So keep your 1.x installer files, think twice before you delete them or overwrite them.

We recommend that you install V2.0 as a new game. Don't install OVER your existing 1.X installation.

---What about the IOS and Android versions?

We're working on them; they're coming, but they won't be done by August 14.
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