Using the GM screen to layout missions

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@daid, Just curious, how hard would it be to have the GM screen create a LUA file containing the positions of ships, nebulae, blackholes and such?
Basically, I'd like to layout the map with all of the ships and such in the GameMaster screen, then dump to a LUA script that I can then start coding the scenario using the positions entered.
This would make setting up complex scenarios easier than doing it by hand. 


  • Actually, if you press F5 in the GM screen, the whole current game contents is copied to the clipboard. Making it easier to setup scenarios with object positions.
    I think there is a small bug in the current release related to player ships with this. But all other objects export fine.

    (Note that this only works on Windows. Due to the total retarded way Linux implemented clipboards)
  • Cool. Thanks.
    Will have to test that out when I get my Windows builds to work.
  • You could use the windows build from, the latest build has the F5 functionality.
  • I will be doing some testing this Sunday with a couple of friends. Will download and give it a go.
  • Note, just commited a patch that might make F5 work on Linux. IF you have the tool xclip installed (which is not installed by default)

    No idea if it actually works.

    (Small note of warning, there is a patch before this that changes the network communication a tiny bit, which will break connecting with older versions completely)
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    Small bug in there causing the Linux compile to fail. Issue #8 submitted to SeriousProton.
    After I manually fixed it xclip works fine. Thanks for putting this feature in there.

  • Thanks for fixing that daid. Working fine now.

    Finally got my Windows builds working. No fault of EE or SP.
    Had to build the SFML DLLs and not use the ones from the website due to it using dw2 instead of sjlj. Debian 8 still uses gcc with sjlj apparently.
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