Mission scripting tutorial series

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I've been writing a bit about mission scripting on the EE site:

I hope this will help people in building their own missions/scenarios. Right now it's a 4 part series, which starts out with which tools you need, and ends with a mission, where you need to recover an escape pod from a destroyed transport.

It currently covers the following topics:
* Setting up the proper tools
* Setting up a world with stations, nebulae and other stuff
* Creating other ships, and giving them orders
* Setting up a basic mission sequence

Let me know what you think.


  • Nice. Will have to dig into some scripting.
  • We played part of the mission I expanded from the tutorial here.

    It will be included in the next version, it's already in the repo. It is not that difficult as a mission, but you do need to communicate well, and it can be a bit stressful to navigate properly we found yesterday. As it asks you to move to certain sectors. So you do not always have an exact heading and distance.

    The scenario is called "Beacon of light series". It starts off with a simple transport being lost, and ends with you need to destroy an enemy base.
    I recommend against reading the script till you have done the mission with a group, so it's more fun to play.
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