[GAME] Space Pi-rates

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Starship Bridge Simulator for the Raspberry Pi where you get to be the Bad Guy and loot other spaceships to make the most money.


Source Code:

Operating Systems: 
Linux: Raspbian - Free

Unreleased (in Development) - source code available


  • Cool.   BTW, I didn't see a LICENSE or COPYING file in the repo.  Perhaps you haven't decided on a license yet?

  • No, not yet. The Pi3D license will determine what I can license it as, since I'm using some of the demo code currently. Not sure if it's compatible with GPL2/3 which is what I'm hoping to use.
  • The models will be under Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license
  • Renamed the Github Repo and updated the links on the original post.
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