Unity Space Bridge Crew Simulator

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I have started on coding a game similar to Artimis or any other bridge sim but in Unity and will release it for free. I have so far only networking, some structure, and a simpel helm done.
I'm currently looking for people to tag along. Are you interested? Email me at johan.holtby@gmail.com and post below.

It so much more fun doing it together :)


  • Feel free to post updates and screenshots of your project.

    Do you have a website for this project yet?
  • I will continue posting the progress.
    This morning I did got the LAN/WAN stuff working instead of the previous peer to peer Photon stuff and a start menu. Next update there will be a working helm and a ship and post (role) selector.

    I currently have no website.
  • Hi JohanHoltby,

    I've done a lot of work with LAN/WAN in Unity but have been considering moving into Photon... and it seems like you're moving in the exact other direction.  Any thoughts on where Photon works well and where it falls short?

  • Hi AdmiralStarblayze,

    Th problem with Photon is that you need to have connection to the "master server" (there is no Unity master server but it's a server which all connects to) to play. So if you set the stuff up in a base meant or a portable setting you need good internet connection and LAN/WAN wont help.
    They have a offline mode where you play with just your self and all the network commands will work even though you have no receiver. That is the reason. Since crew games focus mostly on what is going on outside the game, the interaction between persons the internet part is not that needed. I want the players to be in the same room and then WAN/LAN is more efficient.
    And on top of that. If you would like to implement for example real-time game master body control (using Kinect to do real-time motion capture) of NPC i'ts not relay an option over the internet.
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