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  • The function accepts a string in the format "#ffffff" as well for RGB colors like used in CSS. Or a string with 3 numbers with comma's "255,255,255"
  • Pushing a new build of EE right now. But without the Android version. I re-installed my server a while back, and I broke the EE build in the process. I fixed the windows build, but the android build is still broken. Sorry.
  • Uhm. The old style did look a bit "dated", but right now it looks pretty bad to be honest. No clear "line" between topics, and the "metadata" under the topic name is unreadable on my screen.
  • The order of the [state] sections count in this case. So start of with the "normal" and after that have [state] sections that overrule that state in certain conditions. Something along the lines of: [state] condition = Always target = MainCabi…
  • On the PC that crashed, did it produce a crash log file? It should have a .RPT next to the .exe containing information about the crash.
  • The design is so that factions and relations between factions should not be modified at all during a mission. They are only loaded when the game is started, and not send across the network at all.
  • None. Got some contributions that helped in that area, but I don't actively maintain visual studio compatibility.
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 13
  • That's too bad that you're so busy... Do you still plan to do any future updates to EmptyEpsilon given the so far committed but not yet released changes and pull requests? Or should people just fork your project and build and distribute updates the…
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 12
  • The turrets where contributed, guess that's why that function is missing. Shouldn't be hard to add at all.
  • Oh, yes, there are various options in realism and navigation in full 3D. There is the way Elite does it (and a lot of other action 3D space games) But you can also have full 3D navigation as Homeworld does. And Eve online also does full 3D in a onc…
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 6
  • Look for my "pondering" topic, I think it has a thing on 3D navigation in there as well. But if you have ever played KerbalSpaceProgram (and you should), you will know full true 3D navigation is tough as nails. Don't expect an EE2 anytime soon. I …
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 5
  • You mean getBeamWeaponDirection? Or like the turret direction? I don't think you can access the turret direction.
  • Ah, so it's a workaround for the many-fighters-lots-of-collisions issue. You might be sad to read this. But I currently don't have future plans for EE. I have less time then I had years ago, and I'm working on and off on the 2nd version of my game …
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 4
  • Artemis is 2.5D with "height planes" as far as I understood (didn't play the version that had this feature) IMHO, this doesn't add much except a shitload of complexity. The collision engine isn't build for this, UI becomes harder. So don't expect i…
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 3
  • Android is most likely using googles speech to text engine, which uses their servers for the processing. You can also use this in google-chrome with javascript: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Web_Speech_API As far as I understood, …
  • Well, that's just my personal explanation of it. And it's quite possible that stations that are pointer driven were not a priority to implement hotkeys for daid. But that is, of course, pure speculation. You are right, we play on a 100% touchscree…
    in Hotkeys Comment by daid June 27
  • Just looked into this, engineering+ uses engineering buttons. operations uses science buttons. Other extra stations don't show anything. This commit fixes that: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/commit/3646a96efb32b974e0e9c4bf5ea73911cb37cfa9 S…
  • Could be quite well that custom buttons don't work on those screens.
  • These are the strings that the code accepts: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/playerInfo.cpp#L230 But I'm not sure if custom buttons are implemented for all screens. Only tested them on the main 5.
  • Only using a single core is expected (EE is single threaded). Most likely it's dog slow because you don't have hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers, and thus it is using software rendering. The 2nd issue seems to be some compiler+SFML combination is…
  • Clients need to enter the control code before they can join the ship. Mostly useful for a multi-ship pvp scenario where you want to prevent players from peeking at the other ship.
    in Control Code Comment by daid May 24
  • So, 1 ship with 10 screens? 10 clients total? Or 50 clients? I don't expect all players to have a screen in a LARP environment right? Any hickups?
  • new BlackHole() should be fine. Most likely you are corrupting memory somewhere then, as EE has no concept of child objects. I cannot tel for sure without seeing your modifications.
  • There is no adding it back, it was never in there. It was just a placeholder.
    in Cloaking Comment by daid May 22
  • EE loads 3D models and textures "on demand" when first shown. Other then that has little no impact. So main screen can startup a bit slower, but in general, it does not really matter for EE. On this aspect, Artemis could be different, but most like…
  • There are different limits, but the FD_SETSIZE limit is the first limit we will hit. Other limits are much larger. This limit is only present for a certain way of checking which sockets have data available for them.
  • I cannot speak for Artemis. For for EE, wired connections really help, the unreliability of WiFi makes things worse. Gigabit or 100mbit does not really matter, the data rate is not high enough to care about that change. Performance wise, the GPU do…
  • It's the server that sets this limit. So with a Windows server, you can only 63 Linux clients, but with a Linux server, you could have up to 1023 Windows clients. But, a compile change in SFML can most likely change this, as a compile time define c…
  • 1. 32 max player ships, and with that, as many clients as you want, there is most likely some upper limit that I don't know about due to tech used. Could be that the number of clients on the windows release is limited to 63 due to this: https://msd…