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  • Nope, not possible, factions are directly linked to the friend/enemy logic. isEnemy is used to check if something is an enemy compared to something else: if player:isEnemy(bf1) then bf1:destroy() end
  • You might want to find and read some basic Lua tutorials, like https://www.lua.org/pil/p1.html
  • Guess you want to append the random number to the "life signs" string? Attaching strings together is done with .. earth:setDescriptions("Class M Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Water....Earth like.", random(0, 600000000000) .. " Life signs")
  • Nope, sorry. You can only bind keyboard keys.
  • You could check if with my code: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/hardware/serialDriver.cpp https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/hardware/devices/dmx512SerialDevice.cpp This is known to work with the DMX hardware …
  • https://pastebin.com/ usually helps with sharing medium sized code things to ask help on.
  • May I point out that that goal looks extremely low? Simple math says your team can only work for a week with that amount...
    in Abyss Crew Comment by daid February 24
  • Textured obj files are the only supported format. If there is no texture information the game crashes.
  • All the stats are located in the script/shipTemplate*.lua files, which are plain text. Custom ship models can be added, in a different format then the stock models. As the stock models are in a special format due to licensing reasons.
  • You mean energy? getPlayerShip(-1):setEnergyLevel(getPlayerShip(-1):getEnergyLevel() - 20)
  • What you are missing/doing wrong is that the setCommsMessage and addCommsReply functions should only be used in special "comms" functions. "comms_source" and "comms_target" also don't need to be set manually. The Atlantis mission script is quite co…
  • Ah, the "neutral screen" with just the basic view would work fine. I personally know the 3D view can be quite a bit of work, and might not fit really well with the atmosphere of the game.
    in Abyss Crew Comment by daid February 20
  • Well, the script starts with the disclaimer that you need expert knowledge. I never claimed the script was complete. It just contains the steps I think I did to get it to work.
  • As I understood, Bobsico did some work to get UEFI network booting to work. He just hit a snag with the 32/64 bit (as UEFI forces you into 64bit) Should have been simple with a 64bit linux kernel and 32bit userspace. But he tried the long route of a…
  • We'll need to optimize a bit to get it running smoothly on raspberry-pi like devices but that would make it a lot more compact and cost effective. "a bit" is an understatement... most likely the whole rendering of ui needs to be redone.
  • The lack of a main screen is somewhat disappointing. For EE the main screen serves a few goals. But the main ones are something for the captain to look at, and much more important, something for spectators to look at and understand what is happening…
    in Abyss Crew Comment by daid February 19
  • local x, y = player:getPosition() if x < 250000 then But, using the distance() function from utils is generally better idea. Which can also be used like: if distance(player, 250000, 25000) < 2000 then
  • 1) EE's Nebula hides everything in it and behind it. But I understand your problem. I've been pondering planetary landing/exploring. Or small moons/asteroids with caves to fly in. But that doesn't fit EE very well. 2) I think the only answer here i…
  • Thanks mathkuma I have found these scripts, but I am looking for missions written by fans to help increase content for an online repository in cooperation with daid. I think you have a miss-conception about the community size. In general, we can sta…
  • TCP port 35666 needs to be forwarded in your router.
  • Well, a demo implies that it's a limited version of the full game. Which is most likely not the case, it's more likely an early alpha. Would what you can give us now properly reflect on what the final result will become, or would it be in the wrong …
    in Abyss Crew Comment by daid February 8
  • All objects having a unique ID and using that for reference in the multiplayer synchronization is indeed not bad. The clientserver code uses these IDs internally for everything. The problem is that you need to account for the fact that it's send ove…
  • Oh, and there is more that I forgot. SP2 supports key bindings, "camera nodes" that define where you view into the 2d/3d world from, basic multi-touch support, GUI theming. Start of a animation system (but only 2D flipbook sprite animations are impl…
  • Been a while. But lets see if I can pick this up again. First on, on the 3D navigation for SNIS "demon screen". You might want to take a look at homeworld. Does a few things really clever on 3D navigation and placing orders in 3D space. I don't rem…
  • Yes, "update" is ran about 60 times per second. (depending on the frame rate of the server) So you need to keep track of state somehow. One solution is the "flag" as suggested. Another solution is to track mission state. The tutorial on emptyepsil…
  • Well, the best place IMHO for the basic function documentation is with the function itself. So, at: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/spaceObjects/artifact.cpp#L9 For example. Examples and everything can be put with that. Currentl…
    in Documentation Comment by daid February 1
  • Bummer on the touchscreen friendliness. But good to hear it is on the radar a bit. As long as there is a linux potential, that's fine with me :-) (Yes, I did like, 90% of the EmptyEpsilon code, artwork was done by other people and 3D models where …
    in Abyss Crew Comment by daid February 1
  • Cool stuff! Great to see something else then space in this genre! Are you aware of the silent hunter games? Very realistic sub games. Might give some extra inspiration. As for questions, I got 2: 1) Touchscreen friendly interface? (No dependency o…
    in Abyss Crew Comment by daid January 30
  • File access functions are intentionally not available to prevent "rogue" scripts from modifying your system. So what you are trying to do is impossible without some new functions.
  • I'm not seeing problems on my Samsung S3. But that screen is tiny for EE. It's the only device I own.

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