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  • That's simply the "z" position. Hench, the distance from the plane where the other objects move.
  • There is no cloud. As for running EE trough the internet, that works, people have done it. But the code was never really designed for it.
  • If you don't want the ships to get destroyed (which can get complex with rejoining the game) Then you could drop the flag on hull damage (so shields are your defense against flag drops) And when hull damage is too low, you teleport the ship back to…
  • I've tried hooking up a smoke machine to a relay and a low hull state. It works, but I also have an electrical engineering background, so I don't fear the voltages involved. The smoke machine I used has 2 inputs, main power and a trigger. The main …
  • > Is there a way to keep "house lights" on when no other activity is happening? https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/wiki/DMX-Configuration Use the "always" condition. As this is always true, it will set the state of the lights, unless something …
  • (Note that DMX512 is fire and forget, so that's why you are not getting feedback that it was not working. It's send only, there is no confirm of the data)
  • And... that verifies that the Entec protocol implementation works :-) that was never really tested.
  • Actually, I don't think you need to edit the SP engine (even if you have, know that EE is the only real game that runs on it. So don't fear it too much) But, the "GuiImage" object would solve the displaying an image in the database issue. Add a Gui…
  • Don't worry, it's still very readable and structured. On observations We never ran on wifi for the above reason. The network code tries to correct for flaky networks, but it's hard to test/debug. Note, that if the game crashes, it generates a crash…
  • typeName is not a function, but a direct member. try: for _, obj in ipairs(southObjs) do if obj.typeName == "Mine" then southMineCount = southMineCount + 1 end end
  • The code that logs this is really easy: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/hardware/hardwareController.cpp#L34 But I just noticed this: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/main.cpp#L268 Could be that it needs to …
  • Well, it tries to read the hardware.ini from the current working directory, which is generally the directory where the exe is located, but if you run it differently, this could change.
  • On windows, make sure there isn't a hidden extension. For uDMX, there is a different device type you need to use, "uDMXDevice" instead of "DMX512SerialDevice". But this has never been tested with real hardware. So no idea if it works.
  • This didn't always exist (nothing always existed ;-)) Hue support is in release 2017.12.22 or newer. Note that the philips hue sets some limits on how fast you can update lights, if you want to make a complex setup with a lot of lights that react …
  • If the AI needs to fly anywhere and it is docked, it will be undocked: https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/blob/master/src/ai/ai.cpp#L474 So pretty much any order will cancel the dock.
  • Due to the license under which most models where bought, you cannot edit those. The ones in the SolCommand pack serve as an example for custom models in an editable format. But, you can add models in the "resources" directory, the "packs/SolCommand…
    in Ship models Comment by daid September 19
  • The function accepts a string in the format "#ffffff" as well for RGB colors like used in CSS. Or a string with 3 numbers with comma's "255,255,255"
  • Pushing a new build of EE right now. But without the Android version. I re-installed my server a while back, and I broke the EE build in the process. I fixed the windows build, but the android build is still broken. Sorry.
  • Uhm. The old style did look a bit "dated", but right now it looks pretty bad to be honest. No clear "line" between topics, and the "metadata" under the topic name is unreadable on my screen.
  • The order of the [state] sections count in this case. So start of with the "normal" and after that have [state] sections that overrule that state in certain conditions. Something along the lines of: [state] condition = Always target = MainCabi…
  • On the PC that crashed, did it produce a crash log file? It should have a .RPT next to the .exe containing information about the crash.
  • The design is so that factions and relations between factions should not be modified at all during a mission. They are only loaded when the game is started, and not send across the network at all.
  • None. Got some contributions that helped in that area, but I don't actively maintain visual studio compatibility.
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 13
  • That's too bad that you're so busy... Do you still plan to do any future updates to EmptyEpsilon given the so far committed but not yet released changes and pull requests? Or should people just fork your project and build and distribute updates the…
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 12
  • The turrets where contributed, guess that's why that function is missing. Shouldn't be hard to add at all.
  • Oh, yes, there are various options in realism and navigation in full 3D. There is the way Elite does it (and a lot of other action 3D space games) But you can also have full 3D navigation as Homeworld does. And Eve online also does full 3D in a onc…
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 6
  • Look for my "pondering" topic, I think it has a thing on 3D navigation in there as well. But if you have ever played KerbalSpaceProgram (and you should), you will know full true 3D navigation is tough as nails. Don't expect an EE2 anytime soon. I …
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 5
  • You mean getBeamWeaponDirection? Or like the turret direction? I don't think you can access the turret direction.
  • Ah, so it's a workaround for the many-fighters-lots-of-collisions issue. You might be sad to read this. But I currently don't have future plans for EE. I have less time then I had years ago, and I'm working on and off on the 2nd version of my game …
    in 3rd Dimension Comment by daid July 4