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  • If you just want to rename the sectors getSectorName is the place to look at. But not much to do there as most sector names with more than 2 chars will probably look weird on the screens.
  • 1) Space doesn't have much in the way of terrain. I think it is a question of how scientificly accurate you want to be with your world. But a few things you could do to block of certain areas without being too unrelastic * impenetrable mine field…
  • Thanks for giving it a test drive, Blue. Good to see that it does run on other machines too. And as a weapons officers might have more downtime than usual due to more peaceful missions That's true. It's hard to come up with cool things for Wepons…
  • To anyone interested I dumped the current WIP state into a branch: https://github.com/czenker/lively-epsilon/tree/mission A few pointers on the current state * It is mostly German at the moment. Sorry for that. This will change, but not yet. If y…
  • Hey LHolst. Sorry - I did not see your comment earlier. Great you like it and want to give it a test run. The mission in the repo is unfortunately not for playing, just for demoing features. But I am working on a scenario using the framework. It'…
  • What daid says is totaly right. But as you are saying you are looking for any way... There are two ways that you could do that, but both require coding skills, are a little "hacky" and come with a smell: 1. You might consider using the HTTP Api. I…
  • Hi all. I started playing Artemis earlier this year in the attic of a friend and really enjoyed it from the second round (we lasted 2 minutes in the first round, because someone thought shooting a nuke at close range was a good idea ). Having a ba…