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  • How can I add a custom button to the Damage Control console/screen? I got it to work for Engineering+ by using "Engineering+" and Operations by using "Operations" I've tried "Damage Control" and "DamageControl" I could try a couple of other permut…
  • I made a racing scenario for Empty Epsilon based on jrwarwick's Regatta description. It's posted to the git repository, but it has not made it into the latest release yet, so here's a Google drive folder with the Fermi 500 (race) scenario as well as…
  • Did this scenario make it to a release?
  • Did this make it into a release? If not, were there any additions or refinements made?
    in First Scenario Comment by Xansta May 13
  • Did you get your scenario into a release? I tried the download link and it was gone (posted for more than 100 days). Did you continue to the next mission? Any chance of reposting the first mission?
  • Did you end up with some generated ships that you like?
  • Does your fork support the Christmas 2017 release (that's the one we are using - have not upgraded to latest yet)?
  • Did you ever get this up and running? Arkansas is not too far to travel for me to make this kind of event.
    in BridgeSim LARP Comment by Xansta May 12
  • The Shoreline scenario is set up for single ship or multiple ships. I've tested a bit with two ships, but I'd love to hear from anyone else that tries it out. The scenario is in a pull request that has not yet been reviewed. You can try it yourself …
  • Is this still going on?
  • Do these trek mods go on the server, client or both?
  • Anyone tried these? Wanted to hear of successes or failures before I ponied up the royalty free license fee (pretty low).
    in Lee's Ships! Comment by Xansta May 12
  • Is this still running? I see the generated image, but it shows no servers.
  • Hacking is only temporary. The ones hacked start auto-repairing right away just like your engineer puts damage control teams on damaged systems on your ship
    in Hacking? Comment by Xansta May 12
  • Where are you located? I've got a group you can join locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We play Empty Epsilon quite a bit.
  • Was this ever tried with a group of people?
  • I put a new Empty Epsilon scenario out on the repository a couple of weeks ago. I got a thumbs up from one person, but nothing from Daid, yet. I suspect Daid's busy. I'm including it here for anyone else that might like to try it out. https://drive…
  • Greetings! I've been on this forum for a while, but am only now getting around to introducing myself. Better late than never, right? I discovered Artemis last year. Me and my brother and many of our friends and family are Star Trek and science fic…
  • I've added a scenario, Shoreline, with a simple cargo and inventory system. You can evaluate it before it becomes part of the release by grabbing it from the repository
  • I'm working on a mission script where I intend to add simple cargo. The amount of cargo space available depends on the player ship type: MP52 Hornet: 1 Piranha: 8 Flavia P.Falcon: 20 Phobos M3P: 10 Atlantis: 5 Player Cruiser: 5 Player Missile Cr.: 8…
  • I'm working on adding another mission script. Sometimes it is hard to get a group of game players together. Having a scripted mission can make it easier for players to jump in without an experienced game master. However, as Daid says, it's hard to…
  • I was able to fork and then created a pull request. Thanks for your assistance
  • I cloned the repository to my local machine. I placed the script and related files in the cloned repository locally. In SourceTree, I clicked the unstaged checkbox to stage the files, added a comment and clicked commit. When I tried to push, I get t…
  • How do I post a scenario script? I set up a local repository, but commits were denied. I admit to limited github experience as well as limited online development collaboration experience. The other repositories I've used in the past I typically comm…
  • That did the trick, thanks
  • I've been working on a mission script for the group I play with. It's been going well. I've incorporated many of the potential features available. I've been writing and testing using the windows release since that's the laptop I readily have availab…
  • It was a typo. I was calling Kraylors Kraylons
  • Hi, Thanks for the Christmas update. I've been working on a mission script. When victory occurs for the Kraylons, it just says Victory just like it says if victory goes to the Human Navy. This makes me want to blow up the player ship just to emphas…
  • Merry Christmas! I'm starting a mission script using the MP52 Hornet as the player ship. I am able to get the "escape" victory condition to work, but I cannot get the player ship to fire, nor does the enemy ships (also fighters) fire. Any suggestio…
  • Hi, Build ends up with this error: [ 99%] Linking CXX executable EmptyEpsilon /usr/bin/ld: EmptyEpsilon: hidden symbol `__cpu_model' in /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/5/libgcc.a(cpuinfo.o) is referenced by DSO /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Bad va…

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