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  • Really excited about the "full 3D motion" bit! Good luck with EE2. Will you have a separate site for this project, or share the EE1 site with this one? I'd be interested in donating at some point for EE2 development. Could possibly also contribute p…
    in EmptyEpsilon2 Comment by Dofuso June 18
  • For anyone who hasn't played with Thorium recently, the project has taken some serious leaps and bounds in terms of automation. It's to the point that I feel that a "game" scenario could be set up to run by itself based on player interaction alone w…
  • Wanted to follow up on this thread with some more procedural space asset generation that can be done using the projects on this site: http://wwwtyro.github.io/ Also, the folks at Unroutine just posted some really interesting images of a spaceship d…
  • Wow! The opportunities for increasing group capacities are incredible here! What is the possibility that there could be some sort of integration between Thorium and EE, like damaging the Engines on Thorium damages it inside of EE? I love EE's Game …
  • Good eye! I hadn't noticed that yet. I've always been impressed by the quality of planets in SNIS. And Space Engine, for that matter. Do you have a library of image textures that you pull from to create planets in SNIS, or do you use a procedural g…
  • This is very exciting to see! I must confess that I check the Hyperdrive website periodically for updates, although most of your development progress is probably offline at the moment. Looking forward to seeing more!
  • Have there been any new developments in this project? I was very excited to see its announcement!
  • That is truly brilliant! I've seen similar concepts work fabulously and allow for quick rendering on devices that would normally have a difficult time handling it.
  • New Horizons looks incredible!! I'll be watching this project from now on!
  • Thank you so much for the Christmas update! It's been fantastic, especially the increased planet rendering distance. I've noticed on systems running the Main Screen and the Game Master screen on separate monitors that EE is locking the cursor withi…
  • A netboot setup would be a lot easier logistically to implement and setup before each mission. How reliable has the update.sh command been in updating local EE installations?
  • I've been having the same issue with our all-in-one Windows 10 touchscreens. Sliding or clicking repeatedly on buttons seems to be the only way to toggle them. (By the way, nice song, Byteshift!)
  • Do you still develop this project? Is there any possibility of getting an updated LiveUSB that includes Empty Epsilon and the newest versions of the other Bridge Simulators?
  • All right. Thank you anyway!
  • Is it possible to open more than one instance of the Game Master screen simultaneously for a single server?
  • This is awesome! Thank you for this!! (And thank you, kwadroke!)
  • Is it possible to run only the Main Screen Controls on a device without needing to run another station on it at the same time? I'm trying to set up Empty Epsilon on an Android device and have only the Main Screen Controls on it, so that the Captain …
  • I was also having the audio device error when using the openal32.dll packaged with the new release on Windows 10. However, I was testing on a machine that had a fresh install of Windows 10. When I went to http://openal.org/downloads/ and ran the Ope…
  • Good to know! That makes sense now. Is it possible to temporarily set the docking_state == DS_Docked without the ship actually being docked? I could be going about this wrong, but I'm thinking that making EE act as if a player ship were docked for a…
  • Also, I'm trying to create a Game Master button that will allow me to add probes to the player's supply on the fly so that they don't have to dock with a station in order to get more. Does anyone have ideas about how to do this? I'm having a hard ti…
  • Has anyone had any luck with the issue on some touchscreen platforms that requires the user to swipe or double-tap for every input?
  • As an animator, that sounds really nice to me--we could have mission briefings triggered by Comm events, cutscenes, maybe pre-recorded messages stored in record buoys. It would open up a lot of possibilities.
  • I've noticed that the Intercept All Comms feature on the Game Master screen seems to stop working properly after a few uses. The first hail goes as it should (Comms chat box appears on Game Master's screen and conversation takes place normally.) How…
  • Success! I went to https://www.openal.org/downloads/ and downloaded the OpenAL 1.1 Windows Installer (zip) and removed the openal32.dll file from the EE directory and haven't experienced any crashes since. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • First of all, props to everyone who's been involved in the development of EE--this game is beyond awesome! I've noticed a consistent issue with running Empty Epsilon that only seems to happen when it's run on Windows 10 machines--the problem always…