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  • What Information do you need to debug the problem? @daid
  • :explode() works ONLY on subclass, Artefact. As far as I know. Dont want to say RTFM but take a closer look at the script reference
  • SpaceObject:destroy()
  • Nevermind, I`m an Idiot. Delete if possible. EDIT: And THANKS Santa Daid! Meh okay, yet still had an Error. I tried to open a selfmade scenario: Error occured on Monday, December 25, 2017 at 21:32:53. EmptyEpsilon.exe caused an Access Violation …
  • Probably related question maybe @daid or @Flea11 has a Idea how to fix it. Selfmade Models take like 20 to 60 seconds to "load on Visuals". So if i spawn a selfmade Model with the GM-Screen, the Mainscreen needs about that time to load the model an…
  • Make an Issue at his GitHub
  • Solution for 1. is https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/issues/497#issuecomment-352091594 @BlueShadow postet it a few posts above your own. Solution for 3. https://github.com/daid/EmptyEpsilon/wiki/Build-from-sources dumpfile is in the mainfolder …
  • First of all thanks daid! Hope you put it in the next EE Version and release it soon, since I`m not able to compile it,... (will ask a friend of mine to do it for me) In short again: You are a genius daid. Thanks!
  • I will try to make "sACN" work daid, thanks for the idea. Thanks for the answer and I`m happy to hear someone is willing to put his skill on that task and is trying to make Hue Lights beeing supported by the Game. Hope to hear soon from you k9lego
  • There you go Heinz! You can make up to 10 "player controlled" small Crafts. You need Relay to manage it. You will also need to change or create your own setTemplate Ships to make it work. You need a normal "Fighter" aka "Jäger" and a "Fighter P" a…
  • Another mini Mod. Make any Ship a "ShipCarrier" like Battlestar Galactica. You will need to change the setTemplate ships since I use my own models and templates. https://github.com/TolotosRhodan/EE-MotU/blob/Test/scenario_carrier.lua Ship will d…
  • It`s saying: Parameter "camera_position" not found in shader any ideas anyone? Edit: Nevermind, probably not related.
  • march 2016... I doubt it, but i would be interested in a nice System too.
  • Maybe its the wrong place, but is there a way to make Custombuttons on Damage Control screen and Power Management Screen? or is addCustomButton not supported on those Screens, if it is like that, any workaround? @daid ?
  • Since I have no better Idea this is an alternative to the GMFunction giving back the coolant if coolant > 0 then local x0,y0 = player:getPosition() local dummy_station = 0 for _, obj in ipairs(getObjectsInRadius(x0,y0,1000)) do if obj.t…
  • Maybe it's not that bad,.. so he is the Official Coffee-maker-Officer in non Combat Status
  • It shows, in combat everybody has to do something and yes you were right @daid ,Comms is the one that has the least to do while in Combat. His objektive is to call for reinforcements and giving the Captain information about incoming Enemys in range …
  • @daid you are completly right. I will overthink it and make two different supply images. One in Combat and obe Off Combat but since the Captain needs information and status from every station most of the Time I didn't put him into the Supplyimage. …
  • How about Comms and Science need to type in several numbers like the Selfdestruct code? Both need to do it to unlock the next Numbers. Maybe with a Countdown and/or a set of numbers (3-codes for a simpöe fighter or Transportship, 4-5 for medium clas…
  • Hi alltogether,... I thought a littlebit. This Picture shows the "needs" to each Station. The more "needs" you have the more your Crew need to interact. Comms, is most active, he helps Weapons with reinforcements. Gives Helms Waypoints for Long wa…