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  • bennytheben
    Hi daid,

    I’ve played Artemis off and on for a few years but only just found EE and am very impressed. Thank you for your hard work and making it open source.

    Unfortunately I need to report an issue with the EE website: it seems that the HTTP version is different from the HTTPS site. The downloads tab on the HTTP version has the nice buttons linking to latest builds but the HTTPS one has a bunch of dead links. It took me a long time to figure out why I could download the game on one computer but not the other before I figured out one was using HTTPS.
    Hope it’s not too hard to fix.

    November 2018
  • SpaceEngineer
    Hi daid,

    I saw your message in "introduce yourself" topic. If you could give me a copy of the code that would be great! Can't wait to start hooking up my LED strips! Do you solely use arduinos on your custom bridges for special effects?
    May 2018
  • VolgClawtooth
    I realize you must be swamped with life, wife, new recruit (what a month old now?) .. but a quick question.. What IDE do you use for your development efforts? Eclipse? Something Windows based? curious minds inquire.. I've been trying to grok it out to rewrite the hotkeys/input mapping using strictly Vim and have found my brain turned inside out like the pig thing on Galaxy Quest..
    August 2017
  • VolgClawtooth
    Congrats on the 2.5 week old crew member!
    August 2017